Is the chair height adjustable?

Absolutely! Height adjustability is vital for proper posture because your knees need to be lower than your hips while sitting. Risers are included with the Evolution Chair to raise the height of the base to accommodate anyone between 5’ – 6’5”. The ball can also be inflated from 50 cm – 60 cm for your ideal ergonomic position and comfort level.

What size is the ball?

The Evolution Chair’s stability ball is made of a very high quality anti-burst material that is available in one standardized size. It will adjust from 50 cm to 60 cm to accommodate the user’s height, ergonomic position and comfort level. The diameter of the ball should be slightly wider than the base. Be sure the ball is not underinflated.

Where is the backrest?

The Evolution Chair is purposefully designed without a backrest to provide optimum health benefits. The absence of a backrest forces you to balance and adjust to the bounce, sway, and tilt of the ball which engages your core to build endurance and strength of your postural muscles. Backrests defeat the purpose of strengthening your core and can actually weaken muscles.

How do I inflate the ball?

A hand pump is included with the Evolution Chair, however to initially inflate the ball quickly and easily we recommend you use an air compressor. Adjust the level of inflation until you attain a comfortable yet supportive cushion. The ball will feel hard and firm at first but this material will soften and stretch over a two-day period as outlined in the provided instruction sheet. Just like the tires on a car, the ball will lose some air over time and will need periodic inflation every few months. Simply use the hand pump included in your kit.I already have a fitness ball. Can I just buy the base?Since Posture Perfect Solutions has designed a revolutionary base to fit with a special high quality ball, the Evolution Chair is only sold and intended for use as a set. This ball is made of a very high quality anti-burst material specifically designed for extended periods of use. Regular exercise balls are constructed with lesser quality material because they are only used for short work-outs.Is the base/ball removable?Definitely! You can use the high quality ball to perform stretching and strengthening exercises.

How much weight can the chair support?

The weight limit of the Evolution ball is 300 pounds (136 kg). What are the dimensions?The Evolution Chair has a compact design that fits easily in tight areas and tucks neatly under your desk. Base width 20” x 20” (51 cm x 51 cm)Adjustable base height from 8 ½” to 10 ½” (22 cm – 27 cm) Adjustable ball height from 20” to 23” (51 cm – 59 cm)
*Be sure to measure the ball perpendicular to the floor

Can the ball burst when I’m sitting on it?

The Evolution Chair™ ball is burst-resistant meaning that if punctured it will deflate slowly instead of bursting like a balloon. This is a safety feature ensuring that if the ball is accidently punctured you will not hit the floor. The burst resistance rating of the Evolution ball is 300 lbs (136 kg) enabling it to deflate slowly if punctured while supporting individuals weighing up to 300 lbs.

Will I need to replace my ball?

Over time, all high quality anti-burst balls begin to sag and lose their elasticity from extended use. For maximum performance we suggest you replace your ball every 3 years.

What is the ball made of? Is it safe?

Our anti-burst balance ball is eco-friendly and latex-free. It is also 6P-free, meaning it does not contain the 6 most harmful phthalates contained in some other balance balls or plastic products.

How does the chair work to help my back?

The Evolution Chair provides a completely new way of sitting. It allows you to support your own spine through a process of active sitting which utilizes muscles which have lost their strength through the incorrect practice of slumped sitting. Simply sitting on the ball and adjusting your body to the bounce, sway and tilt will engage deep core muscles. These constant small adjustments build the endurance and strength of the postural muscles which facilitate optimal posture. Active sitting is guaranteed to complement your regular exercise program.What is the correct way to sit?
Most ergonomists agree it is best to sit with your feet flat on the floor with 40% of your weight on your feet and 60% on your buttocks. Use a bathroom scale under your feet while sitting on the Evolution Chair™ to get an idea of this ideal weight distribution. Bring your shoulders back and down and make an effort to relax your neck. Elongate your spine, position your ears over your shoulders, and sit tall.

How long will it take for my core health to improve?

Since no two people are alike it will depend on your current fitness level, and how often you use the chair. Because the Evolution Chair is a muscle-toning device, you should consult your doctor before using it as you would with any new fitness equipment. We have provided a recommended schedule with incremental sitting periods on the chair. Regardless of which routine you follow, it is vital to increase your usage gradually. Use the Evolution Chair as you would any chair, taking breaks and stretching as needed.

Can I call in orders? What is your phone number?

Absolutely, we will be happy to take your order. Our toll-free number is 800-964-8566. If you call outside of regular business hours, you can leave us a message and someone will return your call the next business day. Of course you can also place orders online 24 hours a day.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We accept purchase orders from schools, government agencies, hospitals, and health centers. Call us directly at 1-800-964-8566 to set up your account and receive a quote, and then fax your purchase order to 604-985-0663. Be sure to include your name, email and phone number.

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Yes we do, FREE SHIPPING applies to most areas within Canada and the USA. (*Offer excludes Hawaii and Alaska in the USA and the North West Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut in Canada.) Shipping quotes are available for locations outside the free shipping region. Please provide your name, address, telephone number, and email and we will respond with a quote.

What’s the purpose of the Cozy?

The Cozy slipcover adds comfort and style to your active sitting experience. We have a colorful selection to match your home or office décor. The soft fabric is especially comfortable when wearing shorts or skirts, rather than sitting directly on the vinyl ball. Your Cozy can be placed directly in the washer on a cool setting and hung to dry.

Why choose ICE Casters?

ICE Casters add pizzazz and color to your Evolution Chair while offering a high quality cushioned ride. These non-marking casters are an excellent choice for any floor type.