Beware of Knockoffs!

With your health in mind it is important to note that there are other similar looking models to the Evolution Chair. These "knockoffs" lack the same design quality and features. Consumers should be aware of the differences. We are confident in our product and know that ultimately consumers value safety and quality when purchasing a product that they utilize for thousands of hours in a year. See the photographs of similar looking knockoffs below.

Steel frames do not provide stability and are difficult to maneuver. The Evolution Chair base is designed for durability and unparalleled mobility.

With your health in mind we do not use toxic off-gas vinyl compounds and plasticizers in our balls, no epoxy and styrene copolymers in our base and our anti-bacterial Cozys are breathable and odor resistant.

Seal of approval. The original Evolution Chair™ is the only ball chair to be endorsed by both medical and ergonomic professionals across North America.

Beware of Wire Restrainers as they serve to immobilize the ball by wedging it in place, negating the need for the small core stabilizing postural movements which are essential to long term core strength.

Burn More Calories. The absence of a wire restrainer increases energy expenditure and creates dynamic movement on the ball. As all free moving spheres do, a ball wobbles and forces the body to adjust to its movements. Increased energy expenditure accumulates over time and provides the added benefit of weight loss.

Backrests negate the benefits of active sitting on a ball chair and do not allow the user to sit centered and balanced with proper spinal alignment.

One size balls are often too small for the user and/or the desk. The Evolution stability ball is made of a heavy duty anti-burst vinyl which may be expanded from 50 – 60cm to allow a custom fit to your office.

One size does not fit all. People come in all shapes, sizes, and heights and the majority of ball chairs do not have a height adjustable base. The Evolution Chair Kit comes with inserts (risers) to customize the height for an ergonomic fit.

Not ergonomic. A chair that does not adjust to fit the user will often be too low or too high. Sitting on a chair that does not “fit” you will cause muscle imbalances which lead to aches, pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Cheap casters. Good chairs have casters for easy mobility. Casters with the auto-locking mechanisms do not allow you to roll while sitting, cheap casters mark hardwood flooring, and poorly made casters break. Be sure to get the right kind for your floor. We offer a choice of casters designed for carpets, hard surfaces or a combination.

Not a sideline. Many companies are not around after the sale of the product and may not offer the same model in stock. We have been in business for ten years as the active sitting specialists and we guarantee a good sit. Posture Perfect Solutions stands behind our products while offering an exceptional warranty and replacement policy.

Not just a ball chair. Our fabric slipcovers are not just a pretty face. We designed our Cozy slipcovers to offer the comfort of sitting on a soft and breathable fabric, rather than a vinyl ball.

“Just Move It” At Posture Perfect Solutions we know movement is essential to health and we have created the ultimate exercise series for workplace wellness. Simply stretching for a few minutes every hour relaxes your muscles, instantly relieves stress and gives your body and mind a boost of energy. It also strengthens and tones your muscles and improves your posture. We worked with Timothy J. Caruso PT, MBA, MS, Cert. MDT, CEAS, a leading physiotherapist and ergonomic speaker to develop our handy at a glance “Just Move It” poster featuring 34 stretching and strengthening exercises designed to be performed on the Evolution Chair. Don’t just sit there – move it!

Avoid These Knockoffs

Back Support, Metal Frames, Cheap Castors, Not Ergonomic.

Sample images of knockoff ball chairs