About Us
Posture Perfect Solutions is passionate about creating healthy bodies for healthy work environments.

Ergonomists and health experts claim that excessive sitting is literally killing us, and since most of us spend the majority of our day doing just that, our team searched for a solution and introduced the Evolution Chair.

Canadian based Posture Perfect Solutions is the manufacturer, importer, and wholesale distributor of the Evolution Chair. Our head office is located in Vancouver, BC with full service warehouse locations across Canada and the USA.

To maintain impeccable manufacturing standards and to ensure that no forced or child labour is employed, Posture Perfect Solutions scrutinizes each factory and chooses only those with a reputable history.

Company Story



William Liebenberg, Founder

In 1994 Dr. Liebenberg founded Posture Perfect Solutions Ltd. Dr. Liebenberg recognized that our sedentary lifestyle was responsible for an ever increasing number of back related injuries so he designed the first backless ball chair. The “evolutionary” nature of his idea was that ergonomic gurus had up to that point looked to the inherent design of a chair to provide lumbar support with specific angulations and inclinations but Dr. Liebenberg suspected that the best support your back can get is already built into your physiology through the evolution of your postural gait from four legged primates to the two legged beings we are today. Regrettably these muscles are invariably severely compromised due to thousands of hours of slumping in chairs with back support. So he introduced the “evolution ball chair” which strengthens your core.

Meeting and exceeding expectations, we take pride in building a simple product that works, providing a perfect ergonomic fit and excellent core stabilization. Since the Evolution Chair is our sole product we offer unparalleled focus on delivering the best brand, and have created an accessory collection to add style, comfort, and fitness. We look forward to evolving with you.



Lori Harman, Business Director

Lori liaises with our medical professionals and provides support to our reseller network. She oversees all marketing initiatives and coordinates conventions, lectures and editorial features.

With a background in the health industry, Lori is an avid believer that our bodies are meant to move. Yet despite 20 years of yoga practice, she suffered with pain as a result of slouching in a rigid chair at her desk. Since using the Evolution Chair, she is gratefully pain free and also derives equal satisfaction hearing success stories from other ball chair users.

When not pouring her passion into the business, Lori loves entertaining friends and family around the kitchen table. She also relishes in BC’s beautiful outdoors by kick-starting each day walking her dogs in the forest and along the beach of Deep Cove, BC.

Lori’s sense of humour and her ability to remain calm under pressure provides the balanced energy needed for the fast-paced buzz generated by our rapidly growing business.